• Profanity: 1 week, more or less depending on where/why/who.
  • Spam: 1 day
  • Minor offenses: 2 hour warning block
  • etc.


  • Be as random as you want, but NO OFFENSIVE STUFF (porn, language, etc.)
  • Note: profanity can be used if it is censored using Template:C, and it is not offensive. ("F*** you" directed at a certain person gets a block, "Yankees s***" does not, because they do.)
  • We use a "baseball system" here. Three strikes- you're out (aka you get blocked for each increasing time, like 2h, 1d, 2d, etc.) But four balls and you go down a level (so if you got blocked for 2 hours but then got four balls you get to go back to 2 hours instead of a full day next time)
  • Balls and strikes DO carry over- if you have 3 balls and get blocked, after the block you have- you guessed it, three balls!
  • Balls are attained by doing something good for the wiki- say, cleaning up spam, helping with templates or categories, etc.
  • Strikes are attained by doing something bad- say, disabling a feature (cough Faddy cough), or any of the above block reasons.