The Krusty Krab is a resterant owned by Eugune Krabs. It is a burger joint and sometimes sells things other than burgers.


Before the war the Krusty Krab was a thriving place of business. They had high profits, a loyal customer base, and the most skilled workforce in the world. They easily crushed their rivals at the Chum Bucket and was one of the best restaurants in Bikini Bottom. However the start of the Sardine Wars caused the business to suffer drastically.

The WarEdit

During the Sardine Wars the Krusty Krab was shifted to making wartime matériel. Most of its workers went to war. They made arms for the Bikini Bottem army. The restaurant was damaged during the late stages of the war because of Sardine bombers. Ultimately after the war ended the Krusty Krab would not recover.

Rise of the DeadEdit

After the zombie virus escaped into Bikini Bottem the Krusty Krab was fortified by survivors. Initially all the customers stayed behind but eventually tried to make it to safe area. Those who stay behind were attack by a zombie horde. While Krabs and the few survivors left did everything they could they were still infected by the zombies. The Krusty Krab was then destroyed to ensure that no Zombies would be their.