Please place speeches in "comments".

Candidates for Mascot:

Jumbo, Nom Nom, Whinny Horse, Random Guy

Candidates for Wiki President:

TD, Faddy, AgentP, Yakko, J.Severe, CCs and Cream, MrJoshbumstead

(Remove your character/user name if you do not want them running)

Job Descriptions:

Mascot: Represents the wiki in themes.

Wiki President: Gets admin and crat status if not already, and gets to come up with rules and such that the wiki can vote on.

Speeches are due by April 2 (United States), and then voting will resume on these polls: Top 10 list:Mascots and Top 10 list:Wiki President.

You may not vote for yourself or your character.</b></i>

Thanks, AgentP

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