Airline food is a meal served in ships flights. What are flights? You know when you go to the airport and board a plane? You're taking a flight. If you don't know what a plane and airport is, consult the best encyclopedia in the world and the only content-free encyclopedia in the world.

For some reasons, Airline Food (Or In-Flight Meal) is almost globally hated for it's almost "dull" taste. However, some sort of humans (with brains bigger than a wallet) and Animaniacs Aviation Freaks enjoy this kind of food. They also come out with a variety of drinks served in really small cups. Usually, a fresh bread and a butter and a dessert is provided on every choice of meal.

Some examples of Airline Food (Some may only be found in First Class)Edit

  1. Omelette and Sausage
  2. Mashed Potato and Scrambled Egg
  3. Beef Black Pepper
  4. Chicken with Cream and Sausage
  5. Choice of Dimsum
  6. Fried Noodle
  7. Beef/Chicken Teriyaki
  8. Pork Stew
  9. Fried Rice
  10. Baked Rice
  11. Boiled Rice
  12. Raw Rice
  13. Spaghetti Bolognese (no meatballs)
  14. Spaghetti Aglio Oglio
  15. Yellow Rice
  16. A slice or two Pizza
  17. Spicy chicken
  18. Hainan Chicken Rice
  19. Oxtail soup
  20. Beef Steak
  21. Fettucini Alfredo (A little sauce)
  22. Caesar Salad (-1 olive in American Airlines)
  23. Nasi Lemak
  24. Random Thing
  25. Egg n Ham
  26. Some-kind-of-frozen-food-thingy
  27. Local newspaper
  28. Yourself
  29. Giant Meatballs
  30. Think of yourself
  31. Soylent Soup
  32. Grilled Fish
  33. All you can eat
  34. Fishcake
  35. Fish food
  36. Subway
  37. MRT
  38. Lasagna
  39. Random Thing again
  40. Phineas's Rocket Food
  41. Return to Number 1

Choice of DrinksEdit

  1. Tea
  2. Coffee
  3. Mineral Water
  4. Sparkling Water
  5. Coke
  6. Sprite
  7. Root Beer
  8. Wine
  9. Beer
  10. Apple Juice
  11. Orange Juice
  12. Pineapple Juice
  13. <insert fruit name here> Juice
  14. Mint Milkshake
  15. eciuJ
  16. reeB
  17. eniW
  18. reeB tooR
  19. etirpS
  20. ekoC
  21. retaW gnilkrapS
  22. eeffoC
  23. eaT
  24. ekahskliM tniM

They provide milkshake.

Choice of AppetizerEdit

  1. Fruit Sampler
  2. Salad

...I think that's it....

Choice of DessertEdit

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly
  2. Caramelldansen Pudding
  3. Phineas-shaped Cake
  4. Cake
  5. ekaC
  6. Something chocolatish....

Choice of People Who Will Sidekicks YouEdit

  1. A nerd
  2. A steward
  3. The Captain
  4. The guy next to you
  5. The immigration officer when you landed
  6. John Egbert
  7. Rose LaLonde
  8. Dave Strider
  9. Jade Harley
  10. Jane Crocker
  11. Roxy LaLonde
  12. Dirk Strider
  13. Jake English
  14. Lord English
  15. Aradia Megido
  16. Tavros Nitram
  17. Sollux Captor
  18. Karkat Vantas
  19. Nepeta Leijon
  20. Kanaya Maryam
  21. Terezi Pyrope
  22. Vriska Serket
  23. Equius Zahhak
  24. Gamzee Makara
  25. Eridan Ampora
  26. Feferi Peixes
  27. ME!

So, fun choice?Edit

Phineas: I love my type of food better.

Dill: What is it?

Phineas: Here's the list!

Phineas's Airline FoodEdit

  1. Beef Steak
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese (with giant meatballs)
  3. Giant Pizza
  4. Pudding
  5. All kinds of drinks from around the world
  6. Fried Chicken
  7. Giant Birthday Cake
  8. Large collection of Continental Breakfast
  9. A whole mess of noodles
  10. And yet some more rice
  11. Something really delicious
  12. Giant soup
  13. Bowling for Soup
  14. Something that looks like himself
  15. Something meaty
  16. And some more unthinkable ones he came up with everyday

Dill: ... just like the ones in my jet.

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